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We need to use an essential session cookie to deliver you site content, continued browsing of this site assumes acceptance of our session cookie. For more details see our privacy notice
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JAS Physiotherapy Privacy Policy

JAS Physiotherapy Cookie Usage

As of May 26th 2012 all UK websites are required by EU and UK law to be open about the cookies the site uses and their purpose. For more information see the Information Commissioner's Office

JAS Physiotherapy may use cookies to ANONYMOUSLY track your usage of the JAS Physiotherapy site as well as optional services for your convenience (such as retaining your preferences, logon information, etc).

What is a cookie

Cookies are small files that allow a website to recognise and track users such as described above.

Websites may use cookies to track usage of the site as well as retaining optional information for your convenience such as usernames passwords, bookings, shopping carts etc.

Classification of Cookies

First Party cookies - These are cookies placed on your computer by the JAS Physiotherapy site.

Third Party cookies - These are cookies placed on your computer through your interaction with the site but are not under our direct ownership or control (e,g, Google / Facebook cookies).

Essential Cookies - These are cookies without which the site will not be able to operate and provide its intended services. Essential cookie services include log in to membership sites, and eCommerce shopping carts.

Non-Essential Cookies - These are cookies that do not stop the site from working, but may be beneficial for the site and the user. e.g. retaining your log on details, recording that you have accepted cookies, or caching information to return results faster.

Enable/Disable Cookies

Accept all cookies permanently

Accept all cookies temporarily

Or use the table below to see a breakdown of the cookies we use and make an informed decision

Accept Cookie Name Essential (E) /
Non-Essential (NE)
How it is used
PHPSESSID E & NE JAS Physiotherapy Session
NE - Used by the website to make page loading more efficient and improve your overall browsing experience
E - The site uses the cookie to establish if a user has logged in to their account. As a result the cookie is essential for members of the site.
cmmseucookies NE JAS Physiotherapy Cookie
This cookie is used to record if a user has accepted the use of cookies on the JAS Physiotherapy website. If you choose not to accept this cookie, each page you visit will continue to display the request to accept cookies, and members will be unable to login.
NE JAS Physiotherapy Login
This cookie is only created if you ask to be remembered. This cookie is used to save your logon details to save time when returning members are logging in.
Mobile Layout NE If you are a mobile user this cookie can be used to store your preference as to whether you would rather use the mobile or standard layout.

Third Party Cookies

Accept Cookie Name Essential (E) /
Non-Essential (NE)
How it is used

Google Plus
NE Only created IF you click on the Google +1 button. Google Plus allows you to share a specific webpage between your circle using your Gooogle+ account. (If you are already logged into a gplus account then these cookies already exist). These are the cookies that we were able to establish are being used by Google as of May 15th 2012 and are subject to change in accordance with Google's privacy policy*
No information collected by these cookies is recorded, stored or accessible to JAS Physiotherapy
Google Analytics
NE We use Google Analytics data to understand the site usage and performance anonymously (it does not hold individually identifiable information).
Google analytics is a tool used to monitor the usage of a site and its performance. Read Google's privacy policy
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*Changes to third party policies are beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for such changes.


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